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WELCOME to the Website of Rare Coin Galleries! 
(425) 392 - 0450

Our website is here to provide you with information -- information about us as a company as well as the product and services we currently offer and those areas we have specialized in for over 47 years in business here in the Pacific Northwest. 
For those of you primarily interested in Bullion Products, we have provided an extensive introduction for both the beginning buyers/sellers as well as those who have traded in the precious metals markets for years. Please click on the tab located above to reach that link in our site to answer the questions you may have about trading in precious metals. 
The collectors of rare coins and can get more information about our offerings of each by clicking on the Rare Coins tab above. While we have not attempted to provide a current listing of our extensive inventory therein, youll quickly gain an insight into the types of coins and currency we have on hand at levels and prices to fit virtually any collectors wants and wish lists. Lastly, we frequently make an especially favorable purchase of coins, bullion, or currency items through the course of business and have created a link to make those offerings available to those who may have an interest in a good deal while specific items or groups last. Click on the tabs above to see the latest selections on hand. 
Were here to service our customers, both new as well as existing clients, so dont hesitate to call us direct, or drop us an email with any questions you may have we spend a significant part of our days freely providing such information, and are happy to do so! 

To Reach Us: 

1-800-774-7557 Toll Free

1175 NW Gilman Blvd, B-16
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 392-0450 Local
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